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The Feb 27 Stanford Daily reports that Stanford's Dean of Students has placed Delta Delta Delta on "alcohol suspension." The action follows an investigation of a shot-drinking "game" that included some football players, at which the alcohol was purchased / provided by "big sisters." For details, including the restrictions on, and actions required of, the chapter, see I can't believe that the Tri Delta Chapter Risk Manager planned this little party I am incensed, but not that surprised, that the football players involved have had no charges brought against them to date.p...ticle&id=13310 According to the story, the dean considered suspending the sorority's charter. STANFORD DAILY - January 12, 2004 Seven plead no contest in Tri-Delt incident By Michael Miller & Shirin Sharif Desk Editor , Desk Editor Monday, January 12, 2004 Seven Stanford students pleaded no contest on Friday to a misdemeanor charge of providing alcohol to minors in a case that sparked a University investigation into the Delta Delta Delta sorority.The alcohol was purchased by five sorority members.

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