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Her life as depicted by the E4 programme seems to consist of little more than these ‘amah-zing’ nights out, punctuated by the occasional polo match, which she attends with her equally Sloaney sounding friend, Alexandra ‘Binky’ Felstead.Nonetheless, when it was revealed last week that Cheska’s 55-year-old father Robin Hull had committed suicide three months ago, it seemed particularly shocking, shattering instantly the glossy image of a life enviably untroubled by difficulty of any kind.I have a background in substance abuse counseling and believe in 12 step programs.I value a comfortable therapeutic environment and strong therapeutic relationship.In reality, Cheska adored her father, but he had lived abroad since his split with her mother during the early years of Cheska’s life.It was an absence that must surely have had a profound impact as she grew up.Talking staff are encouraged to meet new people in a safe place.

A former PR-turned-society-blogger, she moves in the same exclusive set as Prince Harry, with whom she was once linked after they flirted in a nightclub.

The details of Robin’s death cast a very different light on Cheska’s background from the glossy Made In Chelsea scenes showing the 25-year-old popping in to visit her youthful-looking mother Karen at her upmarket fashion boutique in Salcombe, Devon.

Her father, from whom her mother was divorced, was neither shown nor mentioned.

By the time of his death, he was living in Hong Kong, in circumstances tragically different to those of his celebrity daughter.

The Mail on Sunday has spoken to Robin’s friends and acquaintances in Hong Kong and pieced together his sad decline.