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It was originally designed as a literal "face book" where college students could look up each other to match names to faces.Real ID has huge advantages: You can engage in meaningful financial transactions if your real ID guarantees who you are; "sexybaby69" didn't even have a credit card.Facebook is planning to allow people to use some of its apps anonymously, Bloomberg reports.

It's April 1: Many of the GOP frontrunner's sites are still standing, there are now two competing Op Trump chat rooms with totally different missions, and one of them has been flooded with pro-Trump supporters and others leaving trolling comments like "Hitler did nothing wrong." In short: The so-called war seems to be a complete disaster.That's okay, we don't ask for a lot of personal information or your phone number like other apps do. Download this app to meet new gay single women & chat instantly with them!Most Anonymous chat rooms are moderated in some way, and people usually get kicked out for spamming or posting nonsense.But it appeared to be flooded with trolls intent on calling them children, "social justice warriors," and, more often than not, homophobic slurs.