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” “What would you do if you had to entertain a five-year-old for a day?” “How would you feel about a wife earning a higher salary than her husband?

Your Celtic Cross: Career Tarot reading gives you cutting edge, accurate insight for making key decisions, handling challenging work situations, and finding the right life path. The game comprises 500 pretested questions in three levels of relationships, as well as a small folding game board in a discreet black box, perfect for taking anywhere inconspicuously.The questions are often funny, and at times somewhat shocking, but they always target the goal of eliciting honest discussions and opinions on topics that are an integral part of relationships. Consider the following questions: “How long do you wait between meat/fleishig/b’sari and milk/milchig/chalavi?Whether you are single, engaged, or married, regardless of whether you met at a simcha or were set up by mutual friends or a shadchan, enjoy a date night playing Perfect Matches.Endorsed by rabbanim as well as professional shadchanim, Perfect Matches facilitates the process of finding your bashert by asking and answering the right questions.