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Not the overworked cops on the beat, that’s for sure. Anyway, those are some things to think about next time you watch this video.

“I do not know why FKF [Fat Kevin Federline] holds such fascination for me.

Kevin Federline coincided with her sad descent into drug addiction, mental illness and a near total career flame-out.

It once seemed impossible or at least extremely unlikely.

She did seem to forget the lyrics to a couple of tracks however, with Corden having to prompt her to pick up the words.

The pair also discussed Spears’ tempestuous love life, with the singer telling Corden that she had sworn off marriage.

Then again, if Britney can survive a public courtship, marriage, and divorce to K-Fed, she can seemingly survive anything. If Spears’ past is tragic in many ways, her unlikely survival is at least semi-heroic.

She survived Federline when even the most optimistic pop-culture observers reckoned he would be her professional and personal Waterloo.

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She did two promo tours in 1998, in a mall and one with *NSYNC.She did four tours in four years, starting with "...Baby One More Time" tour and ending in Dream Within a Dream.There are a few ways to look at the music video for “Toxic.” The first is that Britney Spears is playing a spy, or some sort of assassin, who steals a poisonous chemical from a lab in Paris, gets her cheating boyfriend to ingest it, and then disappears undetected. But all in a day’s work for a spy or highly-trained assassin. Could have saved her a whole lot of suction cupping her way up a building. And what if that leap off the building at the end was actually her committing suicide?In doing so she dons multiple disguises, enlists the help of a fellow spy to transport her to the laboratory, and uses her training and experience in the field to do things like dodge laser sensors and scale skyscapers with suction cup-like devices. That would mean this stewardess was having vivid, elaborate visions of a murder-suicide, and should probably see a psychiatrist. What if she was just a normal stewardess who found out her boyfriend was cheating on her, and spent months — maybe even years — teaching herself amateur spy techniques (seduction, laser-evading dance movers, how to scale a building with suction cups) and researching her plot, all while pretending nothing was wrong and waiting for the perfect moment to strike.