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Drugs were the lubricant for the destruction of thousands of years of morality , but I thin there was something large that was the promotion of the noble savage third world by the United nations to assist in this degeneration.Homosexuality, perverted sex, child sex, porn, drug taking, dumbing down of the population all are harbingers of the destruction of the idea of freedom as perfectly illustrated in the United States.Trying to change the person won't make them change. I complained a lot about how I turned down invites from friends because I didn't know when I'd see him but it did no good. Ben got defensive, saying he's not used to advance plans. I explained I couldn't take it seriously since he usually bailed.I finally recognized that I had to accept his ways, but I didn't have to keep my time free. When Ben called on Thursday about seeing a movie on Friday, I nicely said I had plans. I sweetly said I'm not used to turning down friends in case my guy called. I accepted his way but he needed to accept that I won't keep time open since things rarely pan out. All because I accepted him and changed my response! Here are some examples of common realities: Reality: It can be frustrating to fight with parents.

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He loves to travel and we’ve often talked and dreamed about all of the places we want to go together someday.Then make sure you’re ready each month to whisk him away for a little at-home getaway.Each country has a gorgeous cover that you can slap right onto a manila envelope.Even if you have had an easy time getting pregnant in the past, pregnancy tends to change your hormonal makeup, so sometimes timing is not the same as it was before. Whether or not a viable pregnancy results (the odds are about 1 in 4 even if you time it right), is up to nature. Statistics coming in from women who write me show that about 40% of post-miscarriage women will get pregnant on the first try if they are faithful to the plan, about double the number of the normal population who are not on the plan.This assumes, of course, that you waited for a normal cycle to begin after your loss, and did not begin trying before having a period after a miscarriage. On day 8 of your cycle, counting from the first day you bled, begin “trying” every other night.