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Research in the APRU can be broadly divided into two categories. Frontiers in Psychology: Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology. • Joan Painter (Ph D awarded 1995): Imaginal processing in the two cerebral hemispheres: A computational investigation.• Ed Keogh (Ph D awarded 1997): The interactive effects of state and trait anxiety on attention: Testing Eysenck’s hypervigilance theory.• George Georgiou (Ph D awarded 2001): Anxiety, awareness and attention: A post-conscious bias? ISBN B01AWZV2FY Beliefs about memory, childhood abuse, and hypnosis amongst clinicians, legal professionals and the general public French, Christopher C. The main strand involves research that focuses upon attempting to develop and test non-paranormal explanations for ostensibly paranormal experiences, such as precognition, telepathy, psychokinesis – even alien abduction claims. • Rachel Fulcher (MPhil awarded 2001): The role of intuition in psychotherapy.• Susan Crawley (Ph D awarded 2002): Daydream believers? A secondary, but still important, strand focuses upon attempting to directly test paranormal claims including people claiming to have psychic abilities (to date, no one has been able to demonstrate any such ability in our tests). Reality monitoring, fantasy proneness and paranormal belief/experience.• Caroline Hunt (Ph D awarded 2004): Anxiety-related biases in children.• Krissy Wilson (Ph D awarded 2006): The effects of memory conformity and belief upon eyewitness testimony of ostensibly paranormal events.• Itai Ivtzan (Ph D awarded 2010): Exploring possible direct effects of PK upon the environment.• Karen Hatton (Ph D awarded 2013): Scepticism and credulity in childhood.• Louie Savva (Ph D awarded 2014): Is some of the evidence for ostensible precognition indicative of Darwinian adaptation to retrocausal influences? Although research into paranormal and related topics in inherently fascinating, the findings often have wider implications. Failing the future: Three unsuccessful attempts to replicate Bem’s ‘retroactive facilitation of recall’ effect. • Robert Brotherton (Ph D awarded 2014): Measurement issues and the role of cognitive biases in conspiracist ideation.• Rosie Waterhouse (Ph D by Prior Publication, City University, awarded 2014): Satanic abuse, false memories, weird beliefs and moral panics: Anatomy of a 24-year investigation.• Barbara Rowlands (Ph D by Prior Publication, City University, awarded 2015): The Emperor’s New Clothes: Media representations of complementary and alternative medicine, 1990-2005.• Duncan Colvin (currently registered for Ph D): Examining factors associated with belief change.• Christopher Thresher-Andrews (currently registered for Ph D): The psychology of belief in conspiracy theories. The campaign revolves around a website for an apparent escort agency Girls of Paradise.

Xavier Niel was born in 1967 in the suburbs of Paris.A network of fake Facebook accounts were trying to spy on Emmanuel Macron during the election.Russian intelligence agencies create phony accounts on the social network to allow them to watch the then presidential candidate.But the new network of fake, zombie social networks had not been revealed until the Reuters report. intelligence agencies told Reuters in May that hackers with connections to the Russian government were involved, but they did not have conclusive evidence that the Kremlin ordered the hacking.Russia has repeatedly denied interfering in the French election by hacking and leaking emails and documents. Facebook confirmed to Reuters that it had detected spying accounts in France and deactivated them.