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A survey of 10,000 people for Elite Singles found that 65 per cent of Brits would rather 'give up' on their partner than give up eating meat if given a "it's me or the meat" ultimatum.

The survey also found that 20 per cent of carnivorous singles said they would "never" date a vegan or vegetarian as it would be "too much hassle".

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I tried to date someone who was not vegan about 10 years ago and it just didn’t work because I kept wanting him to change.

“Just research the menu of a restaurant before suggesting it,” says Howell.

Calling ahead to fancier restaurants is a smart move—you’ll learn if they have any flexibility and may discover a chef who’s willing to whip up a fantastic veg dish for you. Prepare meatless meals that you both love and that can be easily modified at the table: each of you can add beans, tofu, seitan, or another mix-in of your choice to your own plate. It’s a good idea to lay down ground rules for the kitchen.

Some won’t have meat in the house, others won’t even hug somewhere wearing a leather jacket and many contemplate whether they could even have a relationship with an omnivore.

I for one, have experienced many dimensions of the dating world, yet winding up in a situation where my status changes to ‘in a relationship’, with someone who doesn’t share the same vegan title, has made dating that bit more interesting.