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The National Conference on “Gender and Electoral Reform: Making A Difference” in Malaysia was envisioned to look at current debates and obstacles as well as innovative strategies and alternative models in women’s representation in the Malaysian electoral process.

This Conference introduced a panel of scholars and specialists to share their experiences and expertise, leading the discourse into the Malaysian context in hope of facilitating electoral reform together for a higher representation of women in politics.

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Berita ini disahkan sendiri oleh Hizal menerusi ruangan Pancaindera di akhbar Utusan Online hujung minggu lepas.

Walaubagaimanapun, Hizal menafikan beliau membuat keputusan tersebut mengikut emosinya.

In continuity of National Conference on Gender & Electoral Reform: Making A Difference – a groundbreaking public conversation on women’s representation in elected office held in August 2016, this advocacy handbook is part of the effort to raise awareness and advocate for gender & electoral reform within Malaysia. Read more The World Economic Forum predicts that the gender gap will not close entirely until 2186.

At 106 out of 144 countries, Malaysia’s 2016 Global Gender Gap Index indicates that the biggest inequalities exist in terms of women’s political empowerment....