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In addition to producing a variety of programming for the cable/ pay TV market, Marilyn served as a production consultant on the film “Call Me.” She was also involved as a producer in the development of the MOW “Nightwalker” and “Playing for Keeps.” In live theater, Marilyn co-produced the West Coast premiere of the musical “God Bless You Mr.

Rosewater” by Ashman and Menken (the writers of both “Enchanted” and “Tangled”).

, a thought-provoking science-fiction novel, to discuss cadmium poisoning, a widespread health issue that goes unnoticed by the medical community and possibly even protected by government agencies. Reyna MD, Valerie Chavez MD As border dwellers, writers Seltzer and Flores use memoir and satire to consider their Mexican-American heritage and the dramatic upheavals and complex implications of negotiating “life on the hyphen.” Discussion ranges from a conscientious objector finding refuge on the border to revolution in Central America to changes the authors have experienced as writers.

Midrash was used for centuries by rabbinic scholars to elaborate on biblical texts.

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Atlas – Film Producer/Personal Manager An award-winning producer and personal manager of actors and writers, Marilyn R.Bad character development can not only strain a story, it can unravel it.If a story is a quilt, then the characters are surely the threads that make it up.Lanier High School in San Antonio offers a creative writing program where students work with local writers and nonprofit organizations to create a writing community within the classroom.The program’s coordinator, a spoken word poet and a community organizer share techniques and insights on encouraging and engaging students to promote change through art.