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We’ll use your views, alongside other research and evidence, to agree a joint plan to tackle obesity across the county.With Big Fat Chat stories, news, features, and even competitions and fun quizzes.

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It’s about hearing your opinions on how we should tackle obesity in Staffordshire.He seems to think it’s harmless fluff and that the pictures are funny.How big a deal is his habit and am I right to object to it? You’re right that the site is repugnant, and the behavior of the people who frequent it is horrifying.This has reflected a recent push to have a smaller selection of clothing sizes that are more expensive and are far more inaccessible to their customer base.”Lane Bryant clearly wants to be seen as more than just a store where curvy, plus size and fat women can shop. It all starts with you (and your ‪#‎Im No Angel pics).” By seeming to remove their status as a store from the equation and putting forth the notion that by basically advertising Lane Bryant’s wares these women are part of a “movement,” the shop veers into dangerous territory.Their Facebook page (as well as a Twitter post) currently hosts 25 photos of women wearing t-shirts bearing another of their hashtags: #I’m No Angel along with the caption, “A snap. There’s nothing wrong with selling clothes to plus size women, or to do so with a body positive spin, but Lane Bryant should not confuse itself with a grassroots movement.